What is Polymath?

Polymath Legal is Los Angeles’ premier boutique business and real estate transaction law firm.

Polymath means “one who is learned or skilled in many fields.” Polymath Legal is highly skilled in multiple backgrounds, and the backgrounds of our clients are even more diverse.

From real estate developers to production companies; internet startups, homebuyers, corporations, creatives, entrepreneurs, web developers, artists, photographers, dreamers and everyone in between, Polymath Legal provides unparalleled legal counsel, services, advice and support to address many matters that may arise.
In a world where the legal community is focused on the billable hour and nickel and diming the client, Polymath is focused, simply on the client. That’s what we mean when we say Relationships First—we want to cultivate, grow, and strengthen our relationship with you as we continue to provide you with quality legal services and advice. As your business, dreams, and endeavors grow, Polymath Legal wants to there providing trusted legal advice at every step of your journey. Partner with Polymath.

Relationships  + Trust  + Solutions  + Collaboration

Relationships First.

That’s Polymath.

…Where Los Angeles businesses go for legal advice.